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FREE features include:
- Generates sitemap.xml files online
- Almost unlimited*. Easy to use. 100% accurate!
- No need to install any Joomla extensions
- XML sitemap validator for generated xml sitemaps
- Handles properly dynamic pages CMS create
* the floating limit starts at 3,000+ & goes up based on server resource availiability. See our current limit here.

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Sitemap & Joomla-related News:

  • New: Non-www domain names and all sorts of sub-domains are fully supported!
  • More Joomla commands are handled properly to avoid non-informative entries in site-map files.
  • Our free page limits have been increased!
  • The XML sitemap creator is now JoomSEO compatible, and also tuned to understand well the Phoca Download extension.

Making XML sitemaps for Joomla sites became easy!

We decided to extend our free Google Sitemap Generator services and offer content management systems (CMS) users ability to generate site maps online - without installing extensions, add-ins, and/or any additional software components. Joomla because of it's huge popularity essentially became our first choice. The challenge there was to understand nature of numerous dynamic pages CMS systems generate and become able to pick and add to the sitemap.xml file only truly important URLs. No other online mapping tools can do that! So we decided to be the first, and have succeeded in that! Try our tool now and see yourself - it's 100% FREE!

We are constantly improving our CMS compatibility modules (it requires a lot of tuning and testing). For example we recently added support for JoomSEO content management solution, and Phoca Download extension.

Note if you see in your sitemap.xml files any unwanted dynamic links created by Joomla extensions please let us know and will take care of those promptly.

As you may already know we address most of issues within 24 hrs!

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What is XML Sitemap about and why we need it?

It's simply a list of page URLs of your website put in XML format recommended by Google and adopted by all major search engines. These files also allow to include additional SEO parameters and information about each URL: last modify date, how frequently particular pages change (change frequency), what is the relative page's importance. Following strict XML standards guarantees that Google, Yahoo, MSN / Bing, and any other search engines will be able to understand your website map no matter what kind of software or operating systems they use. Note that without proper sitemaps they might be unable to discover some of your valuable content (including dynamically created pages) using their normal crawling processes, and this is where automated generator tools that understand Joomla (like ours) become handy!

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